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Growing consciousness about conservation of environment as well as health hazards associated with agro chemicals and consumers preference to safe and hazard-free food are the major factors that lead to the growing interest in alternate forms of agriculture in the world. Organic agriculture is one among the comprehensive spectrum of production methods that are supportive of the environment. The demand for organic food is steadily increasing both in the developed and developing countries with an annual average growth rate of 25–30%. Organic agriculture, without doubt, is one of the fastest growing sectors of agricultural production. In time and proper applications of bio-control agents against horticulture and cash crops pest, application of organic bio fertilizers (vermicompost) increases the plant growth and yield effectively without environment damage. The potential proven biological control agents Chrysoperla carnea, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, predatory mites, anthocorid predatory bugs controls major sucking pests of horticulture crops.

Very purpose of the KRISHI SAI EKATHA is a lab to land service to achieve sustainable organic farming.  

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Krishi Sai Ekatha is rich with professional scientific team who have been working and contributed on Vermicompost Technology, Solid Waste Management, Agri-Biotech, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Organic Farming, Artifical Intelligence and HR management.

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