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Services_01_Contract Research

Contract Research

Krishi Sai Ekatha Pvt. Ltd. takes up contract research projects from private sector upon request. We can rear and provide certain target insects, scientific advice on experimental setup and data analysis, prepare study protocols and perform experimental trials to answer commercial / product development research. Data will be analyzed and reported scientifically to the customer in a user-friendly way.


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Studies on biology and behaviour aspects of agriculture and urban pests. Identification of the pest responsible for the contamination of products and mode of infestation helps the manufacturer/organisation to understand, identify and evaluate the threats and opportunities for the business.

Service_03_Product Evaluation

Product Evaluation

Laboratory and field efficacy of biocides, repellents, attractants, pheromones & light traps and packaging materials will be conducted on a wide range of species including roaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants and stored insect pests for the pest management. Obtained results may help the product manufacturer to understand the effectiveness and viability of the product.



The company also provide hands on training for UG / PG life science / Bio-tech students on the management of agricultural and urban pests.

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